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a certain section of the inhabitants as a formidable menace to health. \\'hile this is true to some extent, and while drinking to excess wreaks more harm physically and mentally than any other cause, yet it has not as yet been absolutely proved that the con- sumption of alcoholic beverages, taken with discre- tion and at the proper time, does harm. On the alcohol question the opinions of medical and scien- tific men are strangely divergent. Some leaders of the medical world, as Sir X'ictor Horsley and Pro- fessor Sims Woodhead in Englanfl. hold alcohol in abhorrence and state that as a drug it is useless and as a beverage it is pernicious. Other equally dis- tinguished leaders of science, as Professor Atwater, Professor Qiittenden, and most Cipla Suhagra 100 of the German sci- entists who have made investigations into the mat- ter, state that alcohol has its uses and forbear to stigmatize it as utterlv destructive to body and mind. .\ large proportion of English-speaking medical men reserve their decision on the subject until more has been determined concerning the action of alcohol than is at present known. This, in the face of the results of numerous experiments which have taken place during the past few years, is probably the wis- est course Buy Suhagra Online to pursue. At the same time it is satis- factory to note that drinking of alcoholic stimulants has never been so prevalent here as in Europe, and that the people of America on the whole are a tem- perate race. The saloon, however, is in many instances the means of originating and disseminating disease, irre- 540 MEDICAL RECORD. [Oct. 6, 1906 spective of drinking. This is especially the case when such establishments are not kept in a sanitary condition. Two special articles dealing with this matter in Great Britain, which appeared in the Lancet a number of months ago, contain the results of a very careful investigation of the subject. Of course, it is not easy to compare the public houses of London and the saloons of New York, viewed from a hygienic standpoint. Many, if not most, of the London establishments in the poorer quarters of that city cannot by the widest stretch of the im- agination be termed sanitary. Li fact, as the writer hi the Lancet states, "The question of sanitation Suhagra Cipla is almost wholly disregarded in the management of public houses." The so-called private bars of the British public house are unknown in this country. These bars are merely narrow boarded compart- ments opening onto a common counter and are pic- sumably provided for the convenience of women or of those who do not wish to drink in a public house in the full sight of their fellow men. Such com- partments are naturally often Suhagra 50 overcrowded, and one who uses them is compelled to rub shoulders with all sorts and conditions of men, regardless of their sani- tary state. Suhagra 100 Cipla It has been proved more or Suhagra Price less conclusively that pulmonary tuberculosis is spread by the agency of public houses in Great Britain, and this is prob- ably also the case to a lesser extent in regard to saloons of America. Although the saloons here are far cleaner and better ventilated than are those of Great Britain, there are many in which diseased and unwashed loafers spend a great part of their time. There are many other affections which may also be easily spread by means of the saloons. Among these are diphtheria and other infectious diseases, syphilis, and almost all forms of skin dis- eases. Over and above the fact that American sa- loons, as a rule, are far cleaner and more hygienic than the British public houses, Suhagra Online there is one lament- able feature of drinking in Great Britain which is absent here. The habit of drinking among women in public bars is referred to. Drinking by women is practised everywhere, but in no other part of the civilized world can it be witnessed to such an extent as in Great Britain. What are known in England as respectable women are accustomed to foregather in the public house for the sole purpose of drinking and gossiping. No particular loss of self-respect attaches to the woman who does this, and conse- quently the custom shows no signs of declining. We may, on the whole, congratulate ourselves that, although in many matters hygienic we are not quite in the front, at least our saloons will compare favorably with those of the other great English- speaking people. The Ethics of Manuf.-vcturing. Much has been written of late in the medical jour- nals of this countrv on the ethics of proprietary rem- edies, both those prepared solely for physicians' use and those advertised to the general public. With the exception of one or two journals in which the denunciation of almost every drug, simple or com- pound, not listed in the Pharmacopoeia, and even of some long since admitted to this compendium, has reached hysterical proportions, this discussion has been reasonable and sound, and the agreement has been reached that physicians are within their rigiits in seeking to know the ingredients and their relative proportions contained in all compCipla Suhagra the treatment of disease. The de- tails of the methods employed in the compounding of these preparations are not essential, since few physicians would understand them if they were pub- lished, and they may properly be regarded as tradj secrets the revealing of which would only result in depriving the manufacturers of the legitimate re- ward of their labor. As yet, we regret to say, the agitation has not had the desired effect, since inquirs among pharmacists shows that physicians continue to prescribe the secret remedies in spite of the an- athemas of the violent and the arguments of the reasonable. The reason for this is probably that the prescribers have found the remedies effectual and so continue to use them empirically in cases in which they believe they are indicated. It will take time to bring the mass of the profession, as well Cheap Suhagra as the manufacturers, to view this matter in the proper light, and the more soberlv the subject is discussed and the less vituperation is used in place of argu- ment, the sooner the looked-for reform will be ef- fected. The American Journal of Clinical Medicine has gone a step further than most of its contempo- raries in applying the test of ethics to the manufac- turers as well as to their individual products. It calls attention to the well-known fact that some drug houses which offer perfectly ethical preparations to Suhagra 100 the profession also manufacture many of the quack medicines advertised to the public, not selling them themselves, but supplying them to the conscience- less proprietors who cater to the public craving for "dope." It asks whether all the preparations of such manufacturers should not be placed under the ban of professional disapproval. This is a large question, and apparently sound arguments may be urged on both sides. Our own opinion is that it is nobody's business, but his own, what a drug manu- facturer may do in addition to making "ethical" preparations for physicians' use, so long as he does not offend against the law of the land. But Suhagra Tablets if we must insist upon a certificate of church membership from our shoemakers and drug manufacturers, since the Council on Pharmacy of the American Medical Association has undertaken to determine the ethics of proprietary remedies in general, the question of the moral character of the manufacturers of these preparations Suhagra 50 Mg would seem to be one equally within the scope of its investigation. The Cure of Strabismus. The unsuccess which in former times attended tenotomy for the cure of strabismus constituted one of the opprobria of ophthalmic surgery. Babies -i few months old were operated upon, the muscle of one eye only, the one which the surgeon assumed to be the offender, being divided, and in a year or two the squint was found to be as bad as before ; another operation was performed, and perhaps another, and the defect remained. The reason for this failure to relieve was. as Dr. D. B. St. John Roosa has pointed out in Suhagra For Women various papers published in the Medical Record and elsewhere, that the measures employed were directed to the effect only, the cause of the" condition being unrecognized and untreated. He returns to the subject in a clinical lecture in the Post-Graduate for July, 1906. and insists Suhagra In India that the operation, which he performed before the class, is to be regarded as only one of the steps in the curing of squint. Functional strabismus, he says, is invari- Oct. 6, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 541 ably caused by an error of refraction, and unless this error is corrected by glasses the efforts of the surgeon are doomed to failure. Indeed, the attempt should always be made to relieve the condition by glasses first, Suhagra 100mg and resort should be had to operation only when these have been found to be insufficient. For this reason operation upon infants is inadvisable, since at an early age, before they begin to distin- guish such small objects as letters and figures, they cannot usually wear glasses with profit. The opera- tion which Dr. Roosa prefers is that of Panas of stretching and division of the muscle, both eyes being operated upon at one sitting. The operation has not the element of danger associated with ad- vancement, and it is much less liable to be follow-ed Suhagra Tablet by overcorrection resulting in divergent squint. The operation of advancement is necessarv in cer- tain cases, but it should be reserved Generic Suhagra for those cases and not employed as a routine measure. In fitting glasses after the operation Dr. Roosa"s practice is to correct only the astigmatism, and not the hyper- metropia in the eyes of young subjects. ^ma of 111? Wnk. Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley will, during the coming winter, dcli\er hi.s ciiniith course of clinical lec- tures on diseases of the skin in the out-patient hall of the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital on Wednesday afternoons Order Suhagra at 4:15 o'clock. The first lecture will be delivered on Wednesday, November 7. These lectures, which have always attracted large audiences, are free to medical men. Reappointment of Surgeon-General O'Reilly. — The President has reappointed Dr. Robert M. O'Reilly, Surgeon-General, U. S. A., to Buy Suhagra serve a second term of four years. Dr. L. G. Hanley, .Surgeon of the Sisters of Charity Hospital, Huffalo, N. Y., was, on Septem- ber 26, 1906, given the degree of LL.D. at Niagara University, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dr. H. S. Frenkel of Heiden, Switzerland, well known for his compensatory method of treating locomotor ataxia, will visit New York early in .November for the purpose of demonstrating the principles involved in his system, and of pointing I'Ut in what type of cases it is likely to be suc- cessful. It is announced that he will read papers before several of the medical societies. Child Labor Laws. — The amendment to the labor law concerning the employment of children,

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