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Drs. Charles H. May, J. Riddle Goffe, Mrgil P. Gib- nev. Ludwig Weiss, W. Travis Gibb, L. Emmet Plolt, AMllia'm y]. Polk, William P. Northrup. and others. North Berkshire Medical Society. — The follow- ing were elected as officers at the annual meeting of this society held last week in North Adams, Mass.: President, Dr. A. K. Boom of Adams: Vice-President. Dr. G. F. Simpson : Secretary and Treasurer. Dr. L. A. Jones. buy tadacip canada Oct. 6, 1906] MEDICAL RECOKD. 543 Mississippi Valley Homeopathic Medical So- ciety. — At the- incc-liny; uf ihis societ}' held at Davenport, la., tadalafil tadacip 20 mg on September 20, the following officers were elected : President, Dr. W. F. Spen- cer of Geneseo ; Vice-President, Dr. E. J. Ward of Rock Island ; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. W. F. Hunt of Davenport. The next meeting will be held in Rock Island. Obituary Notes. — Dr. II.arvey Link of Millard, Neb., died on September 1 1 at the age of eighty-two years. Dr. Link came to Nebraska in 1856, and had practised in Millard ever since. In 1867 he was a representative to the Territorial legislature, and in 1883 he was elected president of the newly organized Douglas County Medical Society. Dr. A. H. Ong of Martin's Ferry, W. Va., died on September 22 as the result of heart failure. He had been in practice in and about Martin's Ferry for many years. Dr. Daniel M. Skinner of Belleville, N. J., died on September 26 of paralysis, at the age of seventy- one years. He served in the Civil War as assistant surgeon on Admiral Farragut's flagship, and had practised in Belleville for about forty years. Dr. Leon.\rd D. White of Uxbridge, Mass., died on September 19 of iieart disease at the age of forty-seven years. He was graduated from Har- vard Medical School in the class of 1881, and began the practice of medicine in Uxbridge shortly after- wards. He tadacip 20 price india had served for several years as assistant medical examiner. Dr. W. B. tadacip online kaufen Forster of Hope, Ark., died on Sep- tember 15 at Texarkana at the age of eight>-four years. Dr. Forster was born in .Mabama. and had practised in Hope for the past twenty years. Dr. G. W. Wilson of Epperson Springs, Tenn., died of appendicitis on September 15 at Nashville at the age of forty-three years. He was born in -Mien County, Kentucky, but had practised for many years in the vicinity of Epperson S]irings. Dr. Z. G. V.AN Zandt of Montrose. III., died on September tadacip erectalis 20 mg 21 of paralysis at the age of sixty-four years. He was a pioneer physician, and had prac- tised for many years in southern Illinois. Dr. John C. Beekman of this city died at At- lantic City on September 28 at the age of forty- eight years. He had practised in Harlem over twenty years, and was on the staff of the Harlem Hospital. He was graduated from the New York I'niversity Medical School in 1882. Dr. Andrew Fink of Oakland, Cal., died on Sep- tember 20 at the age of sixty-four years. He was graduated from the California Medical College, and after practising for some years in Watsonville set- tled in Oakland in 1879. For twenty-four years he was a meniljcr of ihc State Board of Pension Exam- iners, and had held numerous other official positions. Dr. W. J. Dawson of Los .\ngeles. Cal.. died on September 19 at the age of fifty-eight years. Dr. Dawson had practised for twnety-three years in Los .\ngeles, where he was known as the "blind physi- cian." as he had been sightless for many years. tadacip (generic cialis) Dr. CiEORcr. ATiir.RTON SpAiniNr; died suddenly on October 2 at his home, in this city, of heart dis- ease. He was born in 1849 and was graduated in 1872 from Andover College. He studied medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeon.s, New York, obtaining his tadacip price in india diploma in 1872. For a time he was an assistant to Dr. John Dalton, the Pro- fessor of Physiology in that institution. For two years he was tadacip 20mg generic cialis resident physician in St. Luke's Hos- pital, and for the last ten years he had been an attending physician at the hospital. (Earrtspanhtmt. OUR LONDON LETTER. tadacip by cipla (From Our Special Correspondent.) THE COMING SESSION — AN EJIEKGEXCV FUND COUNTY COUN- CIL'S cialis generico tadacip S.' Inspec- tors' Association was opened at Blackpool, and Sir J. Crichton-Browne delivered his presidential address. As on some other occasions, the subjects discussed by the presi- buy cheap tadacip dent, though interesting from a medical point of view, were scarcely such as one would expect to occupy inspectors. He began with a reference to the diminished birth-rate, partly generika-apotheke tadacip due, he seemed to say, to a deliberate restraint of fertility among the elite of the nation. Bearing in mind that 25 per cent, of the married population produced 50 per cent, of the next generation, and that mental and moral traits and many morbid traits were not less hereditary than corporeal ap- 544 MEDICAL RECORD. [Oct. 6, 1906 pearances, buy tadacip uk it was impossible for him to exaggerate the importance of the problems raised by the statistics adduced. If, he tadacip pille 20mg cialis generika continued, we are recruiting the population from the mentally and physically feebler stocks at a greater rate than from the more capable and healthful, the gradual deteriora- tion of the race is inevitable. Weeds will accumulate and good grain grow scarce. It is race failure or race suicide that confronts us; if race failure is being manifested nioi«) rapidly in the superior than in the inferior societies of the race — that is to say, if the reduction in the size of families has begun at the wrong end of the social scale, then national decadence and disaster may be anticipated. The racial struggle for existence is not over — Greece and Rome are not to be forgotten. The strategy of the struggle and the weapons employed are constantly changing, but universal disarmament would only mask the conflict and perhaps hasten the catastrophe in the case of some of the more tame and less resistant, and a declining birth-rate among the best breeds means diminished racial resistance. The waste of infantile life in England and Wales is still enormous, as proved by tadacip 5mg online the latest statistics. In 1904 the mortality under one year was equal to 145 per 1,000 births; but the diseases to which this sacrifice was principally due were tadacip 5 mg not beyond sanitary control, and this seems to be adequate reason for impressing the sanitary inspectors with such facts. History, said the president, proves that a dwindling birth-rate is a symptom of national decrepitude, and a high infantile mor- tality is a prodigal waste of the national resources. Sir James next considered the prevalent diseases of the day. Neurasthenia, he said, a word unknown to Webster, is daily on the medical man's lips. To counteract the depression alcohol is indulged in, and though in amounts short of what can be called intemperance, still the amount is ultimately injurious. Overworked men and women would probably take less if they had more wholesome recreation out of doors. Change of air and the cultivation of the love of nature, leading to exercise in fresh air, were tadacip 20 mg uk recommended, but rapid locomotion tadacip erectalis 20 mg tabletten might become a craze. The con- firmed motorist became sluggish in intellect and excitable in temper, tending toward homicidal mania. The difficulties besetting sanitary inspectors were no longer what they cialis generika tadacip were. When they exposed flagrant defects they were no longer, as in Ibsen's play, "the enemy of the people." They were

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