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the true and candid friends of the people, and as time goe«i on the people will more and more grasp and reward their friendliness. Dr. John Henry Bell, consulting officer at Bradford Royal Infirmary and to the Eye Hospital, died suddenly on Sunday, from cardiac disease, aged cheapest tenormin seventy-four. He was M.D., St. And., 1861, M.R.C.S., 1857. He was much interested in anthrax, on which he contributed the article to AUbutt's "System of Medicine" and notes to the medical journals. Dr. T. P. Cann has lost his life in an unusual way. He pricked his finger in an operation on the tonsils and strep- tococcal infection followed. He died on August 2-], aged thirty-one. He was a Durham M.D. Dr. Franklin H. Oliver, who died on the 22d ult., aged forty-seven, was chief district officer of the Royal Mater- nity Charity and surgeon to the City Lying-in Hospital. He also held other appointments and enjoyed an extensive practice. OUR LETTER FROM THE PHILIPPINES. (From Our Special Correspondent.) THE CHOtERA — USE OF HUMAN EXCREMENT AS A FERTILIZER — A CHOLERA SERUM— BERIBERI AMONG LEPERS— SEGREGATION OF LEPERS— MISTAKES IN DIAGNOSIS— STUDY OF AN ERUPTIVE DISEASE IN GUAM. Manila. P. I., August 18, 1906. The outbreak of cholera, of which mention has been made in the last two letters, has not gained any considerable head- way, the number of cases remaining about the same. The disease is being gradually eradicated from the provinces ot Laguna and Rizal, but provinces not heretofore infected since the outbreak, August, 1905, are being gradually in- vaded, the provinces of Pangasinan and Benguet being the latest buy cheap tenormin added to the list. So far, there has been no general infection of the water supplies at any point, and to this may be attributed the fact that the disease has not become epidemic, the infection being confined, in all probability, to foodstuffs. Occasionally a well becomes tenormin tablet infected, but the prompt measures which are taken for its disinfection usu- ally result favorably. The disease in Manila, for the week ended August II, showed a gradual purchase tenormin online decrease in the number of cases, but for the week ended August 18 a large increase has taken place. From August i to date there have been 159 cases with 137 deaths in Manila; and since July i there has been a total of 552 cases with 486 deaths. In view of the fact that a number of tenormin online vegetable gardens were found during the last ten days which were being fertilized writh liquid human excrement, and that the latter in all probability contained cholera organisms, it is not surprising that there should have been a sharp increase in the number of cholera cases in the city. The mortality from the disease is gradually becoming lower; instead of 90 per cent, of the cases dying, as was the case during the last week in June, the rate has gradually gone down until it has now reached 69 per cent, at the San Lazaro Cholera Hospital. One of the serious menaces which constantly confront the Philippines is the use of human excrement as a fertiliz- ing material, it no doubt being responsible for the propa- gation of cholera, dysentery, and other water-borne dis- eases, and in view of the inadequate fines and punishments which are provided by existing law, the Commission, at a session held to-day, enacted a law making the use of such material for that tenormin syrup purpose a penal offense. The act provides that : "No farmer, market gardener, or other person or persons shall use any human excreta, excrement, dejecta, or the contents of any water or earth closet, privy, vault, cesspool, latrine, pail, or other receptacle for human feces or urine, as a fertilizer for any land on which is grown any article or product intended for human food or tenormin atenolol human consumption, or allow any human e.xcrement, excreta, or dejecta to be sprinkled on or applied in any manner or for any purpose to any crop, product, or vegetation growing on said land. Any person violating the provisions of this act shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not less than fifty pesos nor more than two hundred pesos, or by imprisonment not to exceed six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court, for each offense." About a week ago Dr. Denier, a bacteriologist connected with the Pasteur Institute of Saigon, arrived in Manila for the purpose of testing the value of a curative serum for cholera which has recently tenormin 25mg been prepared by him. So far, he has had an opportunity to try it with only a few cases, and it is entirely too early to state whether the serum has any value. The matter will be reported fully later. Among the lepers that were recently removed to the Culion Leper Colony an outbreak of beriberi occurred, the mortality being particularly high. Investigation showed that while there were lepers from many islands at Culion. the beriberi has occurred only among those who were re- moved from the Cebu Leper Hospital. Since they suffered from beriberi at Cebu, it is quite probable that they carried the infection with them when they were transferred to the Culion Colony. It is variously estimated that there are from four to five thousand lepers in the Islands. It is further estimated that it would require an expenditure of about 25 cents per capita per day by the Government for subsistence, material for houses, clothing, transportation, administration, etc., to maintain them all; in round numbers, an outlay of $400,000 (United States currency) would be required. The Government at the present time can scarcely support a fixed charge of this size. Fortunately, however, the geography of the Islands is such that the present finances and the demands of prac- tical medicine can both be met and reconciled to a reason- able degree. The plan is to remove all lepers from those islands which are well isolated, and at the same time have only compara- tively few victims. In this way a large amount of territory, or area, can be freed of lepers at once. The principal source of infection being removed, there should be few persons buy tenormin online attacked in these sections in the future, and the few cases that do occur can be immediately removed. The lepers from the islands of purchase tenormin Minduro, Nasbate, Romblon, Tablas. Siquijor, Negros, Palawan, and Cuyo have all been tenormin 25 re- moved. One noteworthy fact was observed while lepers were being collected from the islands mentioned, namely : Only about one-half of those who were previously reported as generic tenormin lepers, were, on examination, found to be afflicted with the disease. If this same proportion should be maintained in the remaining islands, the number of actual lepers will be much smaller than has been estimated, and the solution of the leprosy problem would not be nearly so serious a mat- ter as first appearances indicated. It will now be very interesting to note whether further cases of leprosy occur in the islands from which they have now been removed, and if they occur with the same fre- quencv as heretofore. Dr.'E. R. Stitt of the United States Navy, who started the laboratory at Canacao which is maintained in connec- tion with the Naval Hospital at Cavite, has gone to Guam for the purpose of making an investigation into the etiology of the eruptive disease found among the natives of that island, and of which so much has been written in the lay press. Oct. 6, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 545 ^rngrPHH of Mthitni S>twnts. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, September 20, 1906. The Winter Climate of Tucson, Pima County, Ari- zona. — I. VV. Brewer gives a brief description of this locality. Most of the houses are built of adobe and are cool in summer and warm in winter. Temperature and humidity tables arc appended. The place is essen- tially a winter station, as the summers are very hot and but few invalids are able to remain after the first of April. The lowest recorded temperature is 10° dur- ing a portion of the winter months. The relative humidity averages about 46 per cent, and varies but little from month to month. During the si.x months under consideration 66 per cent, of the days are liable to be clear and but 6 per cent, cloudy. Rain falls on an average of nineteen days. The prevailing direction of the wind is from the south, and the velocity averages between five and six miles per liour. There are occa- sional dust storms that blow with considerable force, but they are infrequent during the winter and fall. In winter Tucson has a higher temperature and lower hu- midity than many of the noted resorts in this country and abroad. It is a little cooler and dryer than Cairo, Egypt, although the rainfall is greater. order tenormin Tucson is a desirable winter resort for persons in the early stages of tuberculosis, but not for advanced cases. New York Medical Journal, September 22, 1905. Danger of Weak Solutions of Carbolic Acid Used in Surgical Dressings. — L. 15. .Meyer makes a pica for the restriction of the sale of carbolic acid, setting forth that the present indiscriminate dispensing of carbolic solu- tion is dangerous and declaring that physicians often buy tenormin order solutions of dangerous strength. Very weak ointments and solutions when applied to terminal parts often cause death of tissue and constitutional symp- toms. He tabulates 22 cases of dermatitis, burns, su- perficial and deep gangrene following the use of prep- arations of ordinary strength. He declares that exist- ing laws should be so reformulated as to forbid the sale of carbolic in any strength tenormin 50mg except on a physician's cer- tificate. Solutions stronger than one-half of one per cent, may cause trouble if idiosyncrasy is present. Stronger applications can be made to carbuncles, in erysipelas, etc.. than can safely be used on the fingers and toes. Small, Frequent Meals in the Treatment of Certain Biliary Affections. — C. Herrman has observed in a case of biliary fistula the effect of the ingestion of food on the relative quantity of bile flowing into the duodenum through the common duct and that flowing into the cystic duct and out through the fistula. He noted the following facts: First, the amount of fistulous bile was greater during the night than during the day, in the proportion of about two to one. Second, when a meal was taken late at night there was very much less fistu- lous bile, the daily amount of bile secreted remaining tenormin 25 mg approximately the same. These facts indicated that the ingestion of fond had a decided effect on the amount of bile which passed into the duodenum. It was fur- ther order tenormin online noted that fruit and other substances which in- creased intestinal peristalsis also diminished the amount of fistulous bile. Alcohol .seemed to act unfavorably by increasing the amount which escaped. The regular habit of tea drinking gave a disagreeable odor to the bile. A.pplying the principles thus suggested to the treatment of catarrhal jaundice, the author notes that the main object is to facilitate the bile flow through the common duct and to stimulate the gall-bladder to contraction. This, he believes, is best accomplished by the regular and frequent ingestion of food. His treatment consists in giving five or six small meals instead of the usual three daily, an extra one being introduced at 10 o'clock in the morning, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and at II o'clock at night. These small meals consist of milk, eggs, broth, crackers, or bread. If the patient awakes during the night, a glass of milk may cheap tenormin be taken. The bowels are to be kept open by mild laxatives. A daily rectal injection of cold water is sometimes very efficacious. Light exercises, espe- cially such as bring into play the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles, are helpful. In this way the writer has treated three cases of catarrhal jaundice in children with surprisingly good results. Within five days the urine and stools resumed their normal appearance, tenormin iv and in from ten days to two weeks the jaundice had disap- peared.

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