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He wondered whether there might not be some condition of Raynaud's disease. The patient had been carefully watched and the possibility of the lesion having been self prtxluccd had been eliminated. Salt-free Treatment of Epilepsy. — Ur. Alfred Gordo.v of Philadelphia stated the object of Tegretol Vs Trileptal his paper to be the application of the knowledge of experimental physiology to clinical studies of epilepsy. It had been shown that sodium chloride played an Trileptal Cost important role in normal metab- olism of the body by influencing the elimination of waste products. Applied to epilepsy its presence in the diet in- creased the severity and the frequency of the seizures. Its withdrawal produced a decidedly beneficial eflfect upon the duration and the character of the attacks and upon their frequency. From prolonged observation and a systematic study of thirty-seven cases the author concluded that while Trileptal Vs Tegretol the removal of the alimentary salt was not a specific for epilepsy, it modified its course, and therefore added a valua- ble means in treatment. Dr. Guy Hinsdale of Hot Spring, Va., referred to the retention of chlorides as one of the great disadvantages in cases of renal disease. Buy Trileptal Online This fact and the occurrence of convulsions in advanced renal disease formed two points of contact between the two aflFcctions. In the employment of mineral waters he would prefer those with as little chlo- ride of sodium as possible and those which tended to dis- solve out of the system some of the salts which were known to be injurious. Dr. Gordon in closing referred to the reported cases of Mioperable Jacksonian epilepsy in which dechloridization had given remarkable result-. Symptomatology and Diagnosis of Lobar Pneumonia. — Dr. Jame,s I. Johnston of Pittsburg had made an analy >is of one hundred cases from the wards in the Trileptal Generic Name Mercy Hospital to determine the frequency of the so-called class ical symptoms and signs. The initial chill was present in S2 per cent, of the cases: .S; per cent, had pain over Purchase Trileptal Online the area of lung involved; cough was present in all. .-Vttention was called to the frequency of apical pneumonia in the .-eries, 16 per cent. The cases were all of lobar pneumonia uncomplicated by other diseases. Certain Complications of Lobar Pneumonia, Con- sidered with Reference to Surgical Interference.— Dr. Philip Y. Eisenber.t of Xorristown read this paper. The Treatment of Lobar Pneumonia. — Dr. James M. -Anders of Philadelphia said the leading indication in the hygienic Cheap Trileptal management was absolute rest. He advised under feeding, but did not advocate the "therapeutic fast." In the treatment of the toxemia he considered water, six to eight ounces every third hour, the best diuretic. The fresh- air treatment to be effective should be carried out with rigid personal supervision. The importance of maintaining the activity of the sweat glands was shown. When the condition of the circulation cannot be constantly watched he advised the use of cardiac stimulants in small doses almost from the beginning. Diagnostic Significance of Herpes Simplex in Infec- tious Diseases. — Dr. Jay F. Schamberg of Philadelphia said it w;is highly probable that herpes of whatever typo was the result of the action of a toxin. Pneumonia, spotted icvcr, and malaria were said to be the diseases in which herpetogenic toxin developed with a fair dcgrree of con- stancy. Its frequency in these diseases and its rarity in typhoid fever and other infectious maladies make its ap- pearance a symptom of consiilcrable diagnostic import. The Relation of the Cardiac Muscle and Valves to Arterial Tension. — Dr. W. M. Stanton of Philadelphia said that the factors concerned in arterial tension were the heart, the arteries, the small vessels under the control of the vasomotor system, and the quality of the blood. The action of these several factors was described. The blood pressure picture was given in cases of aortic regurgitation, aortic stenosis, and other conditions. Some Aids in Teaching Climatology and Climato- therapy. — Dr. Guv Hinsdale of Hot Springs, Va., sug- gested the Trileptal 135 Mg organization of medical journeys, similar to those arranged annually in France, so as to familiarize physicians with climatic stations and sanatoria. A classifi- cation of American health resorts on a therapeutic basi^ was submitted. Hypertrophic Pulmonary Osteoarthropathy. — Dr. H. R. M. I-ANDis of Philadelphia reported two cases of this rare affection. The Relation of the Lymph Glands in the Mediasti- num to Disease, Trileptal 60 Mg and Their Value in Early Diagnosis. — Dr. William S. Newco.met of Philadelphia spoke upon the need of signs for the early recognition of chest dis- eases, and particularly in pulmonary tuberculosis, and said that if the lymphatic glands were properly studied in early cases they would aid materially toward a proper determina- tion of the nature and extent of the disease. surgical section. First Day — Tuesday, September 11. The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Dr. William L. Estes of South Bethlehem. Chairman's Address. — Dr. William L. Estes of South Bethlehem, in this address, considered particularly the pre- vcntability and cure of syphilis and carcinoma, the first by educating the public in the doctrines of cleanliness and sterilization and the amenability of venereal diseases in the early stages to treatment: the education of the pupils in the higher schools along the lines of sociology, the re- quirement of aseptic practices in barber shops, etc., and the second by educating the physician to the necessity for prompt diagnosis and early radical removal. Oration in Neurology. — Dr. Theodore H. Weisen- BURG of Philadelphia delivered this address, in which he discussed the advances in the surgery of the nervous sys- tem considered from the standpoint of the neurologist. He remarked upon the value of surgical measures for the pal- liative relief of intracranial pressure, even if radical removal was not possible, and urged the necessity for the surgeon to know more of the anatomy of the nervous system. Cranial Injuries. — Dr. Daniel A. Webb of Scranton, in this paper, considered particularly late Buy Cheap Trileptal cerebellar abscess of traumatic origin, the only treatment for which, he said, Trileptal Coupon was operative (either palliative or curative), and Trileptal 150 Mg reported a case diagnosed as cerebellar tumor, which autopsy proved to be a deep-seated abscess of the middle lobe. 558 MEDICAL RECORD. lOct. 6, igof'i Fractures of the Base of the Skull, Resulting from Direct Violence Through the Inferior Maxilla. — Dr. .-^LE.XANDER G. Fell of Wilkesbarre, reported a case of compound conimimited fracture lietween the median line- and the left mental foramen, caused by a fall of twenty feet. The patient gradually regained, but there had ^ince developed a slight abscess of the ear. The Present Status of Cranial Surgery. — Dr. Ch.\ki.es H. Frazier of Philadelphia reviewed tlie progress of this branch of the science during the last decade, and consid- ered particularly its applicabilit)' in epilepsy, hemorrhage of the newborn and childhood, the cranial, fifth, and auditory nerves, and tumors. Brain Complications Following Mastoiditis. — Dr Fkemont \V. Frankh.\u.ser Trileptal Acne of Reading. ni this paper, con- sidered meningitis, abscess, thrombus in the internal jugu- lar vein, in the lateral sinus, or in the cavernous sinus, treating particularly of the mode of infection and location of the abscess, and the symptoms, prognosis, and tre.it- ment. An Unusual Case of Trauma of the Trileptal Tablets Head, Exhibiting Symptoms of Astereognosis as the Only Localizing Symptoms. — Drs. John H, W. Rhein and Edward Mar- tin of Philadelphia reported this case. Impaired Cerebral Development Due to Other Than Cranial Causes, and Its Surgical Treatment. — Dr. Ernest Laplace of Philadelphia considered particularly adenoids, tongue-tie, and phimosis, recommending that they be corrected as promptly as possible, and stating that in the cases which had come luider his care this had pro- duced satisfactory results. Second Day — U'cdiusday, Sct>tt-iiiber 12. Oration in Gynecology. — Dr. Frank F. Simpson of Pittsburg delivered this oration, in which he reviewed the work that had been done in this field and the progress that had been made. Surgical Treatment of Chronic Colitis. — Dr. William M. Beach of Pittsburg considered particularly the opera- tion of appendicostomy, and cited as suitable cases for this procedure amebic dysentery, colon adhesions following catarrhal appendicitis, gynecological operations, syphilis and primary tuberculosis of Trileptal 450 Mg the colon, describing the technique of the operation and the after-treatment. Dr. George Erety Shoemaker of Philadelphia cited as disadvantages of the operation the establishment of a mucous channel, and the weakening of the abdominal wall. Dr. J. M. Fisher of Philadelphia believed that the appen- dix should be opened immediately after attachment. Dr. J. C. O'Day of Oil City referred to the employment of Trileptal 150 the procedure in typhoid fever and epilepsy. Dr. Otto C. Gaub of Pittsburg believed that the opera- tion was not justified in uncomplicated cases of typhoid fever. A Modification of the Technique of Fixation of Mov- able Kidney. — Dr. George Erety Shoemaker of Phila- delphia read Order Trileptal this paper, in wdiich he described in detail the technique of the operation, the chief factor of which was the preservation, instead of the removal of the fatty cushion. The paper was discussed by Order Trileptal Online Drs. J. C. O'Day of Oil City, Frank F. Simpson of Pittsburg, and John J. Gli- bride of Philadelphia. Perineal Prostatectomy — Its Accidents and Complica- tions. — Dr. L. J. Hammond of Philadelphia read this paper. He said he felt that this was both anatomically and clinically the logical route, and cited as indications the im- possibility of catheterization, permanent hypertrophy, large amounts of residual urine, frequent and painful micturi- tion, and acute cystitis. Dr. William L. Rodman favored the same route as the author, except when there was very much enlargement of the middle lobe, projecting into the cavity of the bladder, he preferred the suprapubic. Tlie paper was further discussed by Dr. John B. Rob- erts of Philadelphia. The Value and Safety of Surgical Exploration in the Abdominal Complications of Typhoid Fever. — Dr. John B. Roberts of Philadelphia Cost Of Trileptal read this paper. He stated that the only difficulty in these cases was the question of diag- nosis, and recommended an exploratory operation in case^ of doubt. The Use of Silk in Tenoplasty — An Experimental Study. — Dr. George P. Miller of Philadelphia reported the experiments made upon ten dogs, in all of which a part of the tendon was removed and replaced by silk suture, the nearest approach to normal being in those cases in which new tendonous tissue ha
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