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David Silver of Pittsburg attributed these failures to improper selection of cases, and errors in planning and executing the operation, and stated that the operation for its successful performance required great dexterity and accurate technic. Fractures of the Head of the Radius. — Dr. T. Turner Thomas of Philadelphia read this paper, showing photo- graphs, both of experimental and other fractures, and the difficulty in some instances of detecting the fracture, ever. by the .r-ray. The paper was discussed by Dr. William L. Estes of South Bethlehem, who remarked upon the unusual number o{ cases of so Generic Trimox rare a disease, and closed by the author. Cleft Palate.— Dr. Henry R. Wharton of Philadelphia .stated that the best time to operate was from three to four years, all adenoids, enlarged tonsils, and nasal catarrh having been removed prior to the operation, in order to prevent infection. This paper was discussed by Drs. John Trimox 500 H. Gibbon, John H. Roberts, G. Hudson Makuen. and T. Turner Thomas of Philadelphia. Third Day — Thursday. Seplcmber 13. Address in Surgery. — Dr. Otto C. Gaub of Pittsburg delivered this address, considering particularly the occur- rence of hemorrhages in the scalp (dural and intradural), thorax (intrapulmonic and extrapulmonic), and abdomen. Injuries of the Thoracic Cavity. — Dr. Geo. W. Wag- oxer of Johnstown read this paper, considering (l) the conditions affecting the walls, and (2) the conditions affecting the abdominal contents. He insisted upon the principles of surgical cleanliness, the removal of destroyed tissue, enlargement of the wouiui. drainage, disinfection, and rest. Foreign Bodies in the Larynx. — Dr. Frank Alleman Buy Trimox of Lancaster read this pajicr, in which he considered in detail the etiology, .symptomatology and diagnosis (which should be assisted by digital and laryngoscopic examination and the .r-rays), progress and treatment. Abscess of the Lung. — Dr. William L. Amoxil Trimox Rodman of Philadelphia read this paper. He stated that, with the exception of cases following influenza, there was usually complex infection. He did not Trimox 500 Mg favor exploratory opera- tion, unless immediately to be followed by a radical one. if necessary. Empyema in Amoxicillin 500 Mg Children. — Dr. John H. Jopson of Phila- delphia reported a series of cases ranging in age from ten months to thirteen years, and urged prompt diagnosis and careful after-treatment as essential factors. The Treatment of Pleural Effusions. — Dr. Edward .Martin of Philadelphia stated that frank streptococcic in- fection offered better chances for recovery than latent pleural effusions. He described in detail the method of operation ; the puncture in the absence of complications Oct. 6, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 559 should be made in the micjaxillary hne in the sixth inter- space. Surgery of the Thoracic Cavity. — Ur. John C. O'D.w Order Trimox of Oil City considered the various conditions, and the oper- .'itions therefor, including pneumonectomy, which Trimox Indications he be- lieved had a field in suitable cases, and in the treatment of foreign bodies, Trimox 500mg etc., the j--ray. Dr. John B. Rouekts of Philadelphia deprecated the practice of inverting the patient in cases of foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, and recommended in cases of broken ribs that the patient be gotten out of bed as promptly as possible, in order to prevent hyperstatic pneu- monia and kindred conditions. Dr. John H. Gibuon advocated rib resection in cases of empyema, even in young children. Dr. B. Fk.^nklin Royer of Philadelphia reported a case of foreign body in the trachea, which had been sent to the Municipal Hospital, supposed to be a case of diphtheria, the mistake not being discovered until the time of the operation. These papers were further discussed by Drs. Israel Cleaver of Reading, Theodore B. Appel of Lancaster, Ernest Laplace of Philadelphia, George W. Guthrie of Wilkesbarre, P. Y. Eisenberg of Norristown, Lowell M. Gates of Scranton, and Enfield of Bedford. The Roentgen Treatment of Tuberculous Glands. — Ur. Grorgk C. Joii.NsTo.v of Pittsburg recommended the application of the j'-rays .is a postoperative measure after complete extirpation of malignant growths, and contrasted this treatment with radical operation. Surgical Tuberculosis. — Dr. Geokce W. Guthrie of Wilkesbarre stated that in its primary stages tuberculosis was local, and recommended radical removal of the infected gland wherever possible, reporting a number of cases in which early operation had proved effective. The Clinical Significance of the So-Called Acute Stages of Bone Tuberculosis. — Dr. H. .\ugustl's Wil- son of Philadelphia stated that l)0ne tuberculosis is essen- tially a chronic insidious process, Buy Amoxicillin ad the phenomena Buy Trimox Online here- tofore known as acute stages are avoidable sequela;, and advocated that the conditions be classed where they belong among the complications of the Trimox Dosage diseased process to be met by appropriate treatment whenever they occur. These papers were discussed by Drs. John H. Gibbon and Ernest Laplace of Philadelphia, David Silver of Pittsburg, and William L. Estes of South Betlileheni, all of whom recommended early diagnosis and extirpation of the foci of the disease, if possible. Dr. Israel Cle.wer of Reading reported a case which Trimox Online he had operated on about two Trimox Side Effects years ago with the expecta- tion of finding an ovarian cyst, but which, on opening the peritoneum, was found to be diffused perineal tuberculosis. The operation was formed two years ago, following which the woman made a good recovery, and is now in a healthy condition. SnnkH ^mwh. While the Medical Record is fileascd to receive all new publications zi:hich may be sent to it, and an acknowledg- ment will be promptly made of their receipt under this heading, it must Trimox Antibiotic be with the distinct understanding that its necessities arc such that it cannot be considered under obligation to notice or rcviexv any publication received by it which in the judgment of its editor will not be of interest to its readers. La Melancolie. £tlde Medicale et Psycholocie. By Rene Masselon. i2mo, 284 pages, flexible muslin. Felix Alcan, Editeur. aPris Price 4 fr. Progressive Medicine. Vol. VIII, No. 2. Edited by HoBART Amorv Hare, M.D., assisted by H. R. M. Landis, M.D. 8vo. 368 pages, illustrated paper. Lea Brothers & Co., New York. Price $6.00 per annum. American Practice of Surgery. Edited by Joseph D. Bryant, M.D., and Albert H. Buck, M.D. Volume I., 4to, 818 pages, illustrated, muslin. William Wood & Co , .\ew Vurk. Price, muslin, $7.00; brown leather, $8.00, and extra half- levant morocco, $9.00. Das Problem uer Syphilis unu Kritische Betrachtun- GEN UllER IHRE BeHANULUNG. By Prof. Dr. O. ROSENBACH. Second enlarged edition. 8vo, 164 pages, paper. Verlag von August Hirschwald, Berlin. Price, 3M.60. Technioue du Traitement ues Tu.meurs Blanches. By Dr. F. Calot. 8vo, 272 pages, illustrated, paper. Masson et Cie., Kditeurs, Paris. Price, 7 fr. Le Signe de la Mort R£elle en l' Absence du Medecin. By Dr Icarh. i2mo, 292 pages, illustrated, Where Can I Buy Amoxicillin paper. A. Ma- loine. Editor, Paris. Price, 4 fr. Gynecolix;y. (Vol. IV. of the Practical Medicine Series.; Edited by E.milius C. Dudley. A.M., M.D., and C. von Ba- cHELLi:, M.S., M.D. i2mo. 227 pages, illustrated, muslin The Year Book Publishers. Chicago. Price, $1.25. Obstetrics. (Vol. V., The Practical Medicine Series.) Edited Amoxicillin 500 by Joseph B. De Lee, .\..\1., M.D. i2mo, 256 pages, illustrated, muslin. The Year Book Publishers, Chicago. Price, $1.25. A Non-Surgical Treatise on Diseases of the Pros- tate Gland and Adnexa. By George W. Overall, A.B., M.D. l2mo, 238 pages, illustrated, muslin. The Rowe Publishing Co. Spencer Microscxjpes and Accessories. Microtomes. Bacteriological Apparatus, and Laboratory Supplies. Spen- cer Lens Company, Buffalo, N. Y. Elements of General Chemistry, with Experiments By John H. Long, M.S., Sc.D. Fourth Edition. 8vo, 443 pages, illustrated, muslin. P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Phila- delphia. Price, $1.50. Text-Book of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology. By John J. Reese, M.D. Seventh Edition. 8vo, 656 pages, muslin. P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Philadelphia. Price, $3-00. Clinical Diagnosis. By Charles P. Emerson, A.B.. M.D. 8vo, 641 pages, illustrated, muslin. J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia. Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-Gen- eral's Office, U. S. Army. Second Series, Vol. XI. Mo- Nystrom. 4to, 858 pages, muslin. Government Printing Office, Washington. Report of the Co.mmissioner of Education for the Year Ending Where To Buy Amoxicillin June 30, 1904. Volume II., 8vo, 1,303 pages, muslin. The Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. Historic Notes and Canadian Medical Lore. Lecture Memoranda of the British Medical Association, Toronto, 1906. i6mo, 200 pages, illustrated, leather. Burroughs Wellcome & Co., London, Eng. Clinical Bacteriology and H.ematolocy for Practi- tioners. By W. D'EsTE Emery, M.D., B.Sc. Bvo, 240 pages, illustrated, muslin. P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Phila- delphia. Hanubuch der Sauerstofftherapie. Herausgegeben von Dr. med. Max Miqhaelis. 8vo, 551 pages, illustrated, paper. Verlag von .'\ug. Hirschwald, Berlin, Germany. Beitrage zur Klinik der Tuberkulose. Herausgegeben von Dr. Ludolph Br.\uer. Band VI., Heftl. 4to, 140 pages, illustrated, paper. A. Stuber's Verlag (Curt Amoxicillin Amoxil Ka- bitzsch) Wursburg. Prei.s, M.5. The Prophylaxis and Treatment of Internal Dis- eases. By Frederick Forchheimer, M.D. Bvo, 652 pages, muslin. D. .\ppleton & Co., New York City. Price, $5.00 net. Diet and Dietetics. By A. Gautier, Edited and Trans- lated by A. J. RiCE-OxLEV, M.A., M.D. 8vo, 552 pages, illustrated, muslin. J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia. Department of Neurolo<;v, Harvard Medical School. Contributions from the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Boston City Hospital, the Long Island Hospital, and the Neurological Laboratory, Volume I. 8vo, 237 pages, illus trated. paper. The Fort Hill Press, Boston, Mass.

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